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No credit is necessary but a likereblog if you plan to use any would be appreciated. More icons of naoto shirogane from various media below.

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She is a young detective who moves to Inaba the setting of Persona 4 to solve a serial-murder case.

Naoto shirogane icons. Naoto Shirogane – P4Manga 60 coloured icons Requested by anon. Naoto Shirogane 白鐘 直斗 Shirogane Naoto is a character in the video game Persona 4. Arriving in Inaba to help investigate the murders this fifth generation of the famed Shirogane detectives enrolls as a first-year student at Yasogami High School.

Credit not necessary but appreciated. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Free for anyone to use all I ask is for you to like this post if you use one.

Double Fangs 1 二連牙 1 Nirenga B midair also Naoto performs two kicks while crossing about three-fourths of the screen. Ryotaro dojima ryotaro dojima icons persona persona 4 persona 4 icons persona icons lgbt icons my icons ftu free to use request slowkib. She is androgynous in appearance with short blue hair and gray eyes blue in The Animation and Arena.

Due to the gendered stereotypes of detectives and institutional. Trans Gay Naoto Shirogane icons for anon. Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 icons.

Defeated Shadow Naoto turns into Sukuna-Hikona a Japanese god of healingalso take into consideration that all of Naotos Personas are male mythical figures. I hope you like them. Naoto Shirogane – P4Arena Manga Anthology Vol.

Naoto Shiroganes storyline also received mixed responses with some fans taking issue with how the parts of Naotos narrative that reflect the experiences of transgender people were dismissed and contradicted by canonical insistence that Naoto is a cisgender girl. 60 coloured Naoto icons from the Persona 4 manga. Posted 2 years ago with 116 notes Wednesday May 2nd 2018 459PM persona 4 naoto shirogane personaedit persona icons persona 4 icons video games icons mine icons.

Naoto Theme Persona 4 Theme Plaza. 1 Appearances 2 Design 3 Personality 4 Profile 41 Persona 4 411 Social Link 412 Golden 413 Persona 4 The Animation 42 Persona 4 Arena 421 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 422. Please reblog if using.

Requested by anon credits are not needed but please like or reblog if you take. The dance originates from a 2018 crossover fighting video game BlazBlue. Vibin Naoto or Chibi Naoto refers to a clip of a chibi version of Persona 4 character Naoto Shirogane dancing by turning left and right and moving her arms up and down.

Another night spent blocking people in the Naoto Shirogane tag on Tumblr While canon says Naoto Shirogane is a woman he reads like a transman. Naoto was created for Persona 4. All icons are naturally 100×100 unless requested or stated otherwise.

Some Naoto icons for all your Naoto needs Likereblog if using i feel like they may be a little lackluster but i still tried i spent the whole day putting them together though naoto shirogane shirogane naoto persona 4 naoto p4 naoto detective prince persona 4 p4 persona q persona q2 pq pq2 shin megami tensei icons persona 4. Let me know if theres anything you want changed personakin persona kin persona 4 kin naoto shirogane kin pride icons. The second hit is a high-hitting attack.

Unlike grounded B Double Fangs this wont transition into Snipe Aim. Naoto Shirogane is a playable character in Persona 4. 300 x 300 pixels.

More icons of naoto shirogane from various media below. Character designs employed in the game were noted to be solid with a clever. 9 Naoto Shirogane icons from Persona 4 Golden.

Cross Tag Battle and became popular source material for humorous edits in 2020. No credit is necessary but a likereblog if you plan to use any would be appreciated. She wears Yasogami Highs gakuran with the exception of one optional occasion in which she wears a seifuku -style school uniform.

An original post made on 24th September 2018 707pm Tagged as persona 4 persona 4 icons naoto shirogane naoto shirogane icons icons anime icons requests anime icons requests icons requests twitter icons random anime icons. Thanks for the request. Naoto performs two aerial kicks while crossing about half the screen.

Icon p4 persona persona 4 p4g persona 4 golden naoto shirogane rise kujikawa naorise 26 Jun 36 notes. Anime icons persona icons persona 4 icons naoto shirogane icons persona 4 naoto shirogane request. Persona p4 icon persona 4 golden p4g rise kujikawa naoto shirogane naorise 26 Jun 8 notes.

See my icon page for more persona icons. Home ask box archive tags rules. 2 45 coloured icons As requested by prestigiouskilljoy.

Naoto is the shortest member of the Investigation Team. 30 coloured Naoto icons from the Persona 4 Arena manga with a bonus 15 from the second Arena anthology. Shinjiro icons using his pq and p3d art with white black and red bgs for avocadoflavoredimagines.

Bisexual Ryotaro Dojima icons from Persona 4 for slowkib.

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