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Article continues below advertisement. When A Floppy Disk Icon No Longer Signals Save Audie Cornish talks with Austin Carr design and technology writer at Fast Company about Apples use of skeuomorphic designIts when an object.

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That is especially true when it comes to floppy disks something that disappeared quite some time ago.

Floppy disk save icon. Hard-disk A modern data storage like a hard-disk is not so visually recognizable so it would not be so useful as an icon. Theres a joke that circulates online every few years. The floppy disk save icon is similarly outdated but can and should live on because it does the job even if the concept of manual saving might become outdated in many applications.

Screenshot depicting a floppy disk as save icon. For the majority of people who see the icon they readily know that its the symbol to save or save as. Its a picture of a floppy disk accompanied by the claim that a kid thought it was a real-life version of the save icon.

If necessary you can add text and logo on the white sticker. The icon for Save in many applications remains an image of a floppy disk even though the floppy is now a moribund storage format. Main picture by Chris Phan I started reflecting on this after seeing a tweet from Fast Company writer Anjali Mullany discussing the weirdness of seeing a floppy disk on your screen on a regular basis.

Floppy disk icon created with Photoshop. The floppy disk icon for example was an object on which users saved information. The problem is that even younger folks recognize the floppy disk icon as being able to save And thats exactly whats going on new generations of tech users who know what that icon means but not why.

The floppy disk outlived its obsolescence and has cemented itself as the symbol for saving even among younger users 5. The floppy image is well known symbol for save and even though new generations dont know what a floppy disk is they do know that the symbol means save. Following vectors are from the same pack as this vector also checkout all SVG Vector icons and vectors.

For more than two decades the floppy disk was the primary external writable storage device used. Until a new commonly accepted replacement comes along itll just be us old folks who find it amusing. Most of the other icons are less outdated as people often use the direct physical analog but they should continue to be used if they work.

The use of the floppy disk icon is a reflection of the technology that was prevailent at the time and so represented something the average user could quickkly associate with the act of saving a file. A survey shows a glimpse into kids attitudes toward technology while testing their ability to recognize a floppy disk. The floppy disk icon lives on as technical shorthand instead of a physical object nowadays representing more of the concept of saving more than it represents floppy disks.

What matters is that users associate the icon with saving. It doesnt matter that were no longer writing files on 144MB 35 disks. Floppy Disk Save SVG Vector is a part of SVG Vector vector collection.

The floppy disk icon is an idiom not a metaphor. Very detailed and realistic look used a dark plastic texture for the base and my metal texture for the metal slider part. Every time it pops.

The Iconography of the Floppy The icon itself is usually a simple blue 35 floppy design. A 35-inch floppy disk a data storage format popular in the 198090s but largely preserved as a Save icon in computer programs. You see even though the floppy disk is still used as the universal Save icon in lots of computer programs it recently became painfully clear that the floppy disk is obsolete when a young person asked why the save icon in Microsoft Excel is a vending machine.

It doesnt matter that many users dont even know what a floppy disk is. Most computing environments before the 1990s were non-networked and floppy disks were the primary means of transferring data between computers. At a certain point once the user base is trained on how to use the product the skeuomorphism aspects become less.

It is still used today in some cases as the universal save icon on computer programs but when a youngster saw the icon in Microsoft Excel they saw it as a vending machine. Shown with its silver shutter positioned up and in a black housing with a white label accented with blue or red. The fact that the action of saving is still visually represented by the floppy disk in spite of its rapid demise in recent times demonstrates the strength of association between the icon and the act of saving a file.

Stylish save icon for your blog website or application. Kids dont know what the save icon stands for. Occasionally used for various content concerning computers including nostalgia for old technology as well as to represent electronic saving.

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